My name is Zanet Mierzchala, born in 1992, in Poland. 
I’m a self-taught artist, living in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
The Songbird Arts is my true passion project that fills out the time outside of my full time job.

In early adulthood I started to re-discover art as a hobby, to experiment with various paints, tools and forms, while pushing my own aesthetic boundaries. Up until a point when I have developed my own technique of painting on glass, with which I have been experimenting since 2016.
I paint because it brings me some of the greatest pleasures of life.

With my creations, I want to leave mark of positivity and beauty in the world. Together with my personal philosophy of life (of being kind, open-minded and hard working human being) I want to continuously become the most valuable version of myself and therefore build legacy of the best art pieces I can create. 

I have background in and passion for graphic design, with two degrees in strategic communications from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology: Multimedia Design and Communication & Sustainable Communication in Design and Business.
” Swallows are different from any other songbird. Their habitat isn’t tied to the woods, meadows or our backyards. Instead, their true home is the sky. ”
As an active observer of the world every environment is an inspiration to me. I always learn from my surroundings. Influenced by every detail I see around me.

Through these observations, I collect visual knowledge, experience in different aspects of perceiving the art itself, in aesthetics, in understanding style, in sensing shapes and colours, in understanding visual atmosphere, in particular taste.

Many of my art pieces are partly subconscious creations of that experience, of everything I ever laid my eyes on. Self expression of feelings, emotions, personality and life through shapes, colours and techniques. Strongly inspired by the cosmos, naturally occurring shapes, textures and patterns in nature. Influenced by Scandinavian aesthetics. Some are visual representations from my dreams.

Nonetheless, it is the observer that becomes the creator of the vision that presents itself in my work. Many people see different things in the same shapes and patters and I’m here to deliver the experience of discovery. A step into my aesthetic universe to please the eye and pay tribute to the beauty of the natural world. 

Each artwork is unique and virtually impossible to re-create. Behind which, there are countless hours of trial and error.
They are also loaded with characteristics of glass as a very fragile, yet extraordinary and clean material we know so well, but often overlook its’ beauty and possibilities.  
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