If you're interested in purchasing or finding out more about my art, feel free to contact me via email. 
I'm also open for collaborations and commissions ;)
1. The prices exclude shipping fees.   
2. Yes, I can ship worldwide - I'm based in Denmark, shipping prices are gonna be according to international/national standards.
3. The original artwork comes with declaration of authenticity (excluding the small circular pieces). 
4. Unless stated otherwise, most of the paintings come in a frame (check individual works for the information, excluding all small circular paintings and all artworks on canvas).
5. All paintings are signed: Larger glass pieces are with engraved signature up front. Smaller glass pieces are signed in the back with paint. Circular artworks are engraved with initials on the back side. 
6. I'm open for releasing limited edition prints of any and all pieces. If you're interested, write me an email which work and size of print and I will contact you about pricing information. (With enough interest, I will open online  shop for original prints ;)
7. I offer discount for buying multiple pieces.